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What to do in Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is a city surrounded by beaches and owner of an unbeatable beauty, it is the type of city that comes to know, will certainly return, due to its enchantment and its unusual beauty, which makes Arraial do Cabo one of the main tourist attractions of world.

Here Everything is easy, affordable and, best of all, it fits your budget! The biggest doubt of who visits Arraial do Cabo is where to begin? , What to do first? Which beach to choose to spend the day?

With this, we have prepared for you a list of the main Activities and Tourist Points that you can not fail to do:

1st Place - Boat Tour (SEA LION BOAT Vessel - 2 floors)

Tel: (021) 99771 8013 (ZAP) - Renato

2nd Place - Sunset at Pratais do Pontal do atalaia and Praia Grande;

3rd Place - Sub Aquatic Diving;

4th Place - Passeio de Bugre;

5th Place - Floating Restaurant in Praia do Forno.

NOTE: The hostel offers you the SEA LION BOAT boat (See the BOAT RIDE icon for this same tour information.